There are large many companies who are being producing welded pipes in stainless steel grades. These pipes are considered very unique to be used in various constructional projects. The makers have been very dedicated in producing quality welded steel pipes for different purposes for revered customers.

The usage of these pipes depends upon the varied requirements as per worldwide customers’ needs. Stainless steel welded pipes manufacturer has offered quality pipes that are being widely used in different applications. The main applications of these welded steel pipes are such as metallurgical, building and construction, ship building, aeronautical etc. These pipes are normally manufactured and used in several categories and are available in several required diameter sizes.

There are several salient features of these welded pipes such as the pipes are well corrosion resistance, high and durable in strength. These pipes are being considered more dimensional in accuracy. The welded steel pipes are being manufactured in various sizes and specifications according to the required needs. The pipes used for heat exchanger are made in sizes 10.00 mm to 114.30 mm OD. The steel pipes for automobile exhaust are made in sizes 20.00 mm to 88.90 mm OD. The welded steel pipes are formed 1/8″ to 24″ NB.