There lot of variety of flooring available in the market but it is hard to decide which flooring should be used.  One of the most famous flooring available is Polyvinyl chloride flooring normally known as PVC flooring.

The reasons why most of people are using this flooring are because it’s cheap price, versatile looks, and durability. The price is often first thing when most of buyer thinks to renovate or make new floor but if they get trendy and durable flooring with in cheap price what else they could demand.

The major advantage PVC flooring has over other normal flooring is it comes in many different looks with different shades it can be made to order with wooden look and a large range of color, other than that it is heat and water resistant. The fact it is heat and water resistant made it suitable for the usage of flooring for all indoor sports courts like badminton, squash, and others. It does not get damage easily and even if it gets damage repairing is not a problem.

Some experience designers have also used an innovative concept of making PVC roofing sheets . The advantage of using these sheets is that the overall structure of the building becomes very light , sustainable and the cost accumulated on the project is also decreased . A lot of roofing sheet manufacturer provides different sheeting options that can be used for the purpose .