Check valves are also known as non-return valves which are being installed in the pipe lines in order to make the flow of the liquid possible from one side of the pipe line only. These valves provide certain help in protecting the different equipments and their processes.

Check valves for water flow

There are various facts and reasons for being using these valves in pipe fittings. The valves are supportive in protecting anything or equipment which can reverse the flow of the liquid such as control valves, check valves, flow meters and strainers etc.

Special check valves support in variety of operations and give benefits when these are used in various applications. These valves are being made in several categories and designs which are made in lift form, disc form; swing form and wafer check valves too. In order to verify the pressure flow of the liquid this is associated with the hydraulic force such as water hammers.

The valves are providing certain benefits after being fitted in the pipe lines. It is capable to prevent of flooding water. It can reverse flow while the valve system is shutdown. It prevents the flow of water under the gravity. It also provides support in the vacuumed condition of the pipe line.