While passing on any road or street, we sometime see a building or any house getting constructed and a variety of construction material is scattered here are there. Large and small size construction machinery in progress and engaged in the process. These construction materials and machines may be of any kind but surely, they indeed play a vital role in completing the construction and finally give an attractive look to the newly constructed house or building.

wheel loaders with stacked stone

Different kinds of heavy and low level machines are used in order to complete the construction process of any housing project. Several machines like wheel loaders, crawler excavators, tractors and cranes etc. are needed for operating different tasks. These machineries are normally hired by the contractors from any firm who provide on rental base. While some contractors purchase own second hand wheel loaders, cranes, excavators, trucks and tractors.

These heavy machines are capable to load or shift heavy constructional building material very easily like heavy stones, tiles, steel and iron structure according to the needs. These machines can heave, break or load heavy stones and tiles to the place where they are used.  These are some commonly used heavy materials like natural tile and stone, travertine tile, granite stone and tile, flooring tile, wall tile, marble stone, onyx tile, quartzite, slate stacked stone, limestone and various types of rocks.