Recycling a product is a great way to save money and protect the environment from further damage of our ozone layer. There are some of the products that can be recycled are plastic, metal cans, paper, wood, batteries, glass and rubber. The recycling of these products is very important for the surroundings. And these companies are doing their part to save the environment by recycling rubber.

Rubber is a product that requires a huge amount of time to decay. Most of it comes from the sap of a rubber tree, rubber, but is primarily based modern synthetic oil. There are about 50,000 products worldwide that are manufactured from rubber. Following are few products:

Wheels – Trucks, cars, bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles have wheels in order to run. A standard wheel is generally circular and made of rubber. The wheels are black and most of them cause stains because of the soot that is produced during processing.

Gums – Gums, also recognized as gum bands, bands lackeys, lastiko lag, bands or rubber bands are made of rubber and latex with a circle. The tires have many uses. They are used in DVD and VCD players as belts to open and close the device.

Slippers – Most shoes are made of rubber. Companies use rubber as the main material for the manufacture of shoes because they are very well even on glossy surfaces and slippers. Some companies add other materials to make slippers rubber to make them stronger and more durable.

Rubber door mat rubber mats are other products that are made from recycled rubber. In the Philippines, a certain type of carpet is recycled rubber slippers that interlock perfectly and can be used as a doormat.

In conveyor belt manufacturing , there is great about of use to manufacture rubber conveyor belts , in the form of covering of belt , in carcass of belt .This rubber is added to increase the elasticity and flexibility of belts ,particularly in mining operations . Recycled rubber is preferred due to its minimum cost.