The cement today is almost same as it used to be in earlier days in the Rome. The cement used that time was unbelievably durable as many bridges, roads, constructions, plazas and buildings that were built that time are erect even after centuries. The Ancient Romans used ash with lime and this brought up a robust cement mixture.  This type of mixed cement was solidified under the water. On the fall of Roman Empire in the 5th Century, the basics and techniques of making the cement also departed with them. Later on an Engineer John Smeaton introduced the method to produce cement.

Demand of cement was first realized in 19th century for the building of Erie Canal in the US. Canvass White was the man to find out a rock which was similar to volcanic ash having hardening capabilities that are required in the cement. Onwards, in 1824 Portland cement was introduced by Joseph Aspdin. Portland cement was made by performing several tasks like mixing and crushing the limestone and clay in a clinker grinder and that was something most efficient and superb in working as compared to others which were introduced earlier.