It comes as a surprise from a company that banks on Ad Generated stone crusher machineryRevenue that it would come up with a feature that would hurt the marketers. Google recently brought about a feature in its email client that categorizes the emails by their nature. An email from Social Media platform is put in the ‘Social’ tab whereas a promotional email or a marketing email would automatically be put in the ‘Promotional’ tab.

As a user it would be a relief for me to see all my mails be categorized but as a marketer I see great risk of my efforts being deleted without even being read. I recently sent out a marketing campaign for Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd that manufactures iron crusher, stone crushing machinery and etc. The campaign took a lot of effort to come up with the right format, the correct content and the perfect overall feel that would make the relevant receiver to open it and read through it. This new feature from Google has got me thinking if it is the reason for the below average response rate the campaign managed to get me.

Compare this to what LinkedIn is about to launch and you’d end up thinking if the big G is heading the right direction or not. The professional network site LinkedIn have introduced the feature to advertise your posts to the targeted audience’s News Feed. This gives the companies and their online marketers a chance to express a bit more about their products and services when compared to their ad option.