Tracking a conveyor belt is usually difficult to maintain, but there are several ways on how you can make this task easier and faster to perform. Conveyor belt manufacturers have devised various techniques for tracking rubber conveyor belts(and other types) , it is usually performed through slightly crowned rollers. And because this method is well known for its efficiency, most companies make use of this process to make a standard transport speed to execution. However, the use of this technique may require you to secure such factors as the exact measurement of the conveyor rollers to fit crowned.

It’s important to know the exact dimension of the belt to ensure that it will be effective crowned rollers. Conveyors with a width to length ratio of less than 1:02 cannot effectively track and it is recommended to carefully examine the proper dimension of conveyors that would fit perfectly into the rollers. Transporters in the direction of travel changes at a point should also be checked constantly.

Online conveyors provide a solution to minimize problems wise tracking using tracking strip. Tracking this strip which joins at the bottom of the belt conveyors works to keep in place. The strip runs in the extrusion T-slot basis and a slot machine location in the movable rollers. With the use of a strip of track, the problem of manual check conveyors and rollers is a long way gone.