In order to carry out the construction work , there are various machineries which are utilized by the industry .This includes Cranes , road rollers , bulldozers, drilling machines and trenchers .All of these machines perform various on job site .

Road rollers major work is being to perform the operation of compaction in road building. Cranes basic operation is to lift heavy loads from one site to other, depending on the need of the job various types of cranes are available in the market like tower cranes, and truck mounted crane and other.

Bulldozers are the most powerful machinery, which are used to pull and push large amount of soil, debris rocks, also it is used for the demolition work on the site. They can also perform the job of digging, thus used in canals as well.

A wide range of diverse designs, sizes and brands are involved with the production of these construction machinery. In market, there are various used construction machinery supplier are also present among which Kaixian machinery is also one of the major Chinese supplier :