In India, blast furnace route of iron is quite predominant. Raw materials thatIron crusher are used in the blast furnace are lumpy iron ore, agglomerates, metallurgical coke and fluxes that are limestone and dolomite. Indian hematite is quite rich in hematite content. By using superior quality of raw inputs, the productivity of the blast furnace can be increased and energy consumption can be decreased.

Hence it is concluded that the more is the iron content in feed the more is the slag volume which is generated in blast furnace. Hence productivity is increased automatically and also coke rate is decreased. Indian hematite ore has a high percentage of alumina where as low silica content.  This adverse alumina to silica ratio is detrimental to blast furnace and plant productivity. Alumina is basically refractory in nature. Procession of iron ore is known as beneficiation process. This process is necessary to reduce alumina in the feed.