Cathode is basically an electrode from which electric current flows. There are various metals used to manufacture cathode but copper is highly preferred in all. Significance of copper has been verified across the world as the wires drawn from this metal are been extensively used for both the residential as well as commercial electrical appliances. With the increased demand of copper cathodes the number of copper cathode supplier has been significantly increased across the globe.

Copper cathodes are formed by complete process that involves from extraction to the end. At first step the metal is been worked upon to figure copper rods that is afterward distorted in to copper cathode. The leading step involves removal and devastating of the metal. Then the procedure of grinding the firmed ore is done, here the trodden metal is passed through the large equipment for transforming the metal in to grind. The machines acts on the metal in equally the cylindrical as well as revolving mode, the dissipate slag are detached from it.

Copper wires are largely preferred for electrical wiring because of the high electrical conductivity of this metal. High conductivity of copper enables easy passage of electricity through it without being much heated up. These wires act as the raw material for Cable Industries in order to manufacture different types of wires. Some of the highly used electrical power cable of copper include, tinsel wire, submersible winding wire etc. Copper also contains a good tensile strength and can be soldered without any trouble.