Back hoe loaders are one of the most versatile construction machinery which can be used for performing a variety of jobs .These devices can be considered as universal machinery, which can perform tasks ranging from drilling, demolition, digging, lying of pipes and other. Its components are detachable specially bucket which can be replaced by some additional equipment to achieve these various task.

Additional machinery which can be attached to the back hoe loaders are breakers, auger, or grinders and other .The attached mounting and hydraulic system, which increases the utilization through these machines because we can operate them in a specified area.

Auger tool can help in digging holes into the ground, asphalt cutter can be used to repair roads, gas lines or sewer lines. Along with new, used backhoe loader can also be purchased, used loaders helps to reduce the acquiring cost of machinery for the contractor. While purchasing used loaders proper inspection should be done on machinery in order to find any problem and issues.Kaixian machinery deals in various kinds of construciton machinery :