A carbon steel pipe is mainly pipe made with an alloy of metal which is formed by amalgamating iron with carbon. The purpose to make a pipe with carbon and steel alloy was to come up with a pipe that is strong, durable and long lasting. These pipes are durable having long life as they do not have a joint. These are also called seamless pipes as there is no seam in any part of the pipe.

While a steel pipe is being manufactured, they mix iron and carbon to harden the metal alloy being formed. Alloy of carbon and steel is believed to be a lucrative and economical alloy metal that is used in the metal industry. The alloy can be formed in following four ways:

–       Low ratio of carbon with steel

–       Medium ratio of carbon with steel

–       High ratio of carbon with steel

–       Ultra high ratio of carbon with steel

The sizes and numbers of these pipes are accepted globally. A pipe with any particular dimensions will be same in size wherever it is manufactured by whichever company.

Carbon steel comes up as a robust metal alloy these days which has a rapid growing application in construction and other industries. It is used to make pipes and other metal products that are used in several industries. Manufacturing of pipes is the most common application of carbon steel; these pipes are used with steel pipe fittings in plumbing, generally to make passage for water.

Its application is being grown day by day and many industries that seek metal pipes, are now primarily considering using pipes of metal alloys.