Aluminum plain foil contains around 92 to 99 percent aluminum and is made form aluminum alloy. It is produced in different sizes, widths and lengths and its thickness range from 0.0017 to 0.0059 inches. The application of aluminum plain foil is listed for hundreds of items.

It is most commonly used as it is cheap, durable, corrosion resistant and non toxic as well. Hence its advantages are ample. It provides non magnetic shield and also show resistance against chemical attacks. Due to its resistance against water vapors aluminum plain foil is mostly used as a packaging material. As it extends the shelf life of the packaging material.

Aluminum plain foil is used in the manufacturing of hundreds of products like radios and television capacitors, storage tanks insulation, decorative items, transformers electrical coils, air conditioner fin stock.

The storage and usage conditions of aluminum plain foil are that it should be store in cool, dry place, and shouldn’t be exposed to heat.