Plastic Moulding as gained more popularity in past recent years due to its easy cost effective nature. There are various procedures to make plastic bottles depending on the type of industry or product. The most commonly used procedures among them are blow moulding & injection moulding. These two breeds of procedure are necessary to build plastic bottle mould for forming.

Injection mould:  through mould pouring runner, molten state of the raw substance is filled with cavity. Usually injection molding is used for products with complex structure; substances must be suitable for injection molding process.

Blow molding: fast blown up preformed bottles, blow molding mold clamping portion is adjusted in accordance with plastic bottle mould for forming which is then traveled into gas, then kept under pressure for expansion, the substance will be compressed in the cavity wall, after which needed shape is given, the cavity wall graphics moved to the material.

Secondly, injection moulding due to its complex procedure is more costly than blow moulding which costs less. But, high cost can’t be avoided if your product needs injection moulding.

Finally, injected plastic bottles are widely used in industries such as medical, chemical industry, agriculture etc. Whereas, Blow molded bottles are often consumed within food, restaurant, pub, drinks, etc.

So, while you purchase any sort of moulding machinery take few things in your considerations like budget, your production need & procedure.



–          The author is associated with one of the leading plastic bottle mould manufacturers, Jinteng Industry Co., Limited.