China, being the hub of construction material and machinery has invested a lot in this industry. The world comes to China for not just construction machinery but for other different products as well. The question is why China? The answer lies in their cost effective methods of production and cheaper prices.

Talking about the Construction Industry in China, there have been many new entries in the industry like the famous Shantui brand. Shantui is a Chinese brand and is produced customized, cost efficient and effective friendly use bulldozers. These bulldozers have proved themselves to be highly competitive against other international brands, though it’s a new entry but still it has been successful in getting a good influx of buyers towards itself. Shantui bulldozers are famous for its low price, higher productivity, lesser fuel consumption and easy to use applications.


The demand of Shantui bulldozers is mostly in the African region and countries like Kenya. Nairobi, Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania etc have shown a great interest in Shantui bulldozers and have bought a lot of machinery from Shanghai Ruilan Engineering Machinery.

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