Hinges are basically bearings that connect two solid objects, allowing rotation up to a limited extent. If you are a handy men and are interested in changing the door hinges yourself, then you be amazed by the variety that are available in the market. Commercial Hinges

The commercial hinges, not only come in various different sizes but they are also available in different shapes and styles. When deciding about what type of hinges to buy, the most basic constituent is the application. Will the hinges be able to support the door that requires the installation, considering the frequency of usage, the weight, location and other hardware that have been applied to the door. This means that a sturdier hinges is required by a commercial door.Hinges are not only functional but they are also decorative and can add an extra dimension of beauty to cabinets and cupboards.

Butt hinges, the most common type of commercial door hinges, consisting of two Commercial Hingeshalves which are joined together by a pin. IHC door solution deals in manufacturing and distribution of various commercial hinges and the company adopts highly innovative method of production emphasizing on the research and development. These hinges have the ability to withstand temperature changes, tampering and still function well.