Simple question and a simple answer for it: [if all other factors are kept constant] Yes, the Stainless Steel Valves can easily be relied upon for giving us an ultimate experience in terms of lasting longer than any other metal-valves and parts for the purpose of transporting liquids. Water and similar substances have a property of rusting the pipelines that are used to transfer them from the intended resources to the intended sources. Corrosion and leakage is a constant feature that users have to endure after 10 to 15 years of constant usage of the pipelines and sewerage systems because even the best Stainless Steel Valve manufacturer only guarantee their products and services for 5 to 8 years from the date of purchase of the variable pipeline goods. These tangible assets seem to help our business purposes much more when the flow of substances are constant and do not stop! KEEP THIS IN MIND THAT THE DETERIORATION ONLY GETS WORSE IF THE LIQUIDS (SUBSTANCES) ARE NOT CONTINUOUSLY MOVING WITHIN THE PIPELINES AND ARE LEFT TO WITHIN THE PATH FOR A LONG TIME. The longer the liquid is allowed to stay inside the pipes, the higher the rust-rate will be!

What stainless steel does is that it helps the rates of corrosion to diminish to the least ratios because the phrase itself explains it better: STAINLESS STEEL! Valves and other joining parts for the pipelines experience better output and lesser friction of liquids because the seamless flow is achieved due to the steel’s non-sticky characteristics. The outer and inner surface of the pipes is not at all rough or in-level that results in lesser transfer flow. Happier as it gets; water flowing seamlessly: residential and commercially!