Whether it’s the case of a used self erecting tower cranes or tower crane the jib that is used in the working range is installed in the turntable. It is necessary that the jib needs to be elevated with the help of a used truck cranes. Once the elevation process of the jib is completed the tower crane hoist has to be connected with one of the pendants that are basically connected to the jib. After that it has to be stretched enough to reach the tower top and connected with the help of different connecting accessories such as pins. Once this process is completed the jib of the tower crane has to be lowered back to a horizontal position. This brings to the completion of the installation of the trolley.
For the installation of the outer section of the jib it is necessary that it should be installed with at least three pins. For the structural erection of the tower crane it is necessary that the Ballast need to be installed on the counter jib of the tower crane. With the completion of this process this brings to an end of the first day. This is what happens in most of the cases soon you will also get to know about second hand bulldozers as well.