I am working for a vehicle piston ring manufacturer and used Japanese car exporter used so I know how critical it is to fill the end gap of piston rings in terms of getting high performance out of your vehicle because if you fail to ensure proper ring end gap, it may cause the ring tips to butt and damage the engine.

To check the piston ring end gap you may place your piston ring into the cylinder. The cylinder bore must be narrow. The gap must be of minimum 0.010 inches. Each ring should be fitted to the particular cylinder in which they are to be installed and the gap on the second ring should always be larger than the top ring end gap, this will help to reduce top ring flutter or lifting.

Do make sure that your auto cylinder liner supplier is purchasing piston, piston ring & cylinder from the same vendor other the measurements may differ and create problems for you to in filling the piston ring end gap.

The piston ring end should be straight rather in curve shape. Following are few things which you should keep in mind while filling the gap:

  1. File only one end of the ring. Use the unfiled end as a reference.
  2. Be sure to keep end gaps square.
  3. Remove all sharp edges and burrs.

You may use different tools for measuring your piston ring end gaps like; electric ring grinding machine or manual hand crank style grinder.

Used Japanese car exporter