The industry of crushing rocks and aggregates has been a progressively demanding industry from the last three centuries. Normally, mining materials with hardness like silver, gold and copper used to be crushed by hand when it was impossible to great force, large and massive rocks were raised, the old method was to utilize the group of men or by the help of  animals like Camel, buffalo or by just dropping the rock. But, then systems of irrigation invented, people used method of using water so the hard material gets easier to be crushed

Before certain use of steam machines, stone manufacturers mostly used to cover two to four large portions of rocks to blast and break rocks, drilling tiny holes into rock and fill their portions with straw and sparks of blast. In 19th Century, with steam power revolution, ways of digging, drilling and crushing got significant change. After that, with having different ways of power generation different machines were produced.
The First Crushing Machines

The first clue of a crushing machine made the presence in early 1830. Thought was posited about dropping hammer, which later on was utilized in crushing and grinding mills. In the year 1840s, next patent was issued A box made up of wood followed by cylindrical drum that had specification of 350 times rotations per minute, this device failed to develop a nudge on the crusher’s manufacturers.

Thomas Edison then helped developing a most important crusher while separating and classifying magnetic iron ore for hard materials. After his thorough analysis he came to know that crushing hard materials and large rocks can be very economical than using blasts and explosives. Since then, development of standard crushing industry started as Eli Whitney Blake successfully designed and announce the first successful production of jaw crusher in 18th century 1858, diversification in this industry came into being as industries like companies started knowing as cone crusher manufacturer jaw crusher supplier and stone crusher supplier