Screw compressors are particularly made to handle a broad array of dry material move extending from granulates, cement and plastics to sand, wheat flour, lime and silicate. Its body comprises two types of attachments farther renowned as the feminine and male screws. In an oil free screw compressor, the air is compressed absolutely through the activity and assist with the screws.

Oil free air compressor is very helpful in numerous ways. It does not use oil as for compressing and therefore, is preferable at numerous places. Read on to discover more about this. Contrary to oil free compressors the high force compressor is utilized for fast air chilling where the change in power state outcomes in change in warmth of the room. Thus these compressors are very helpful to attain good results. Compact air compressors are furthermore utilized for individual usage by numerous buyers as they are simpler to convey round and hold securely far away from the come to of the children in the house. The compact ones function without the customary storage containers which are a very significant characteristic in the common compressors which are utilized for developed purposes.