Nowadays we find the use of aluminium as  construction material quiet common, it is used in industries for manufacturing large machinery, pipes, ladders, heat sinks and much more, it is used in major sectors such as in transport vehicles, airplanes, buses, cars, bicycles and others, due to its light weight and high resistance to corrosion it has become the most used metal today after iron.

Aluminium is tough for its light weight and low density, it stays naturally cool and is a good conductor of heat and electricity, it is always used as an alloy mostly along with copper, and it is not found in pure form in nature.

Aluminium is also used as packaging material for food items as foil and for liquids as cans. It is used because it helps protect the food by creating a natural non-toxic layer. It doesn’t affect the taste of the food making it the perfect choice for packaging.

aluminium building

Due to its amazing strength to weight ratio it has become the metal of choice for manufacturing ultra light and durable vehicles and even aircrafts. Large building’s wall heat sinks are Aluminium Panels that improve the life of walls by protecting against elements of nature. This metal has also found its way into kitchen, as utensils are also made of aluminium also fridges, Air conditioners also make use of this light weight versatile metal.