A valve which is connected in any pipe or a tube for controlling the flow of any material is called butterfly valve. The material might be any liquid, gas or in form air or steam. These valves are also used if any dry or viscous material is to be passed through these pipes.

This valve is created with different components made as a disc, body, stem, seat and actuator. These parts are made with different trimming features. These combined features of trimming are addressed to material which is handled and the environment is really vital in selecting the accurate level of valve for its required type of service.

Butterfly Valve

These valves are usually accessible in lug and wafer formations. Wafer pattern valve is set up as sandwiched between the pipe flanges. They are easy to fit and remove when necessary. The wafer valve can only be removed or fitted when the conveyer is drained completely. You can buy these butterfly valves at low cost from butterfly valve supplier of China on the famous business portals.