Keycard lock system is mostly used in commercial application such as hotels and Magnetic Card Lockmotels etc; magnetic keycard locks are very popular nowadays. Magnetic locks are normally used in hotels as option to automatic keys. There are numerous well-liked kind of magnetic locks in use as well as the mechanical card, bar code, fascinating stripe, Wigand wire embedded cards, smart card and RFID proximity cards etc.

Magnetic card lock works in a different way; when a current is going through the wire, the magnet card locks turn out to be magnetized. The door will be firmly bonded when the electromagnet is keyed up holding against the armature plate. The magnetic lock is an easy locking tool that consists of a magnetic card lock and framework plate with no touching parts and it purely works due to the magnetic field. Consequently the magnetic lock is really foolproof.  Therefore, the magnetic lock is met with both safety and fire safety necessities and is available for urgent situation way out doors.