Street lights put in attractiveness and functionality to our streets. Street lights or pole lights were restricted in old times in highways and parking lots but times have changed. Every street is now equipped with beautiful street lights, even now a days solar lights are very popular in streets.

Different types of utility Street poles are used to carry street lights according to its need. Street poles are used to support power lines and related equipments such as transformers etc along with street lights. Street poles are also used by advertising purposed in different areas of the world. It looks really good to see the advertising banners in street poles which really attract every ones attentions.

Utility poles are usually used as the primary groundwork for most of community designs such as table lamp poles, light indication poles or even power line poles and phone poles. These poles are usually situated in outside places under climate and atmosphere results. Therefore, there are many specifications for these poles because they are the groundwork. If they failure, the whole framework will failure too. Extents Lighting style has put lots of initiatives and specifications for our workers to make top quality products that can please our specifications as well as consumers’. They are requested for the capability of status still and constant in hard climate, also the durability in any period of time.

Street poles have been in used since the 19th centuries with different purposes as a utility pole.  Utility poles are usually used to take two types of electric power lines; distribution lines and sub transmission lines.  In order to save space in urban areas, a distribution line is frequently passed on the same poles as a sub transmission line but mounted under the higher voltage lines.