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In this post I will discuss the most popular pipe and pipe fittings used by pipe fitters or plumbers throughtout the world. You will read basic information and their industrial or home applications.

Rolled thread pipes are used in a number of piping applications for the release of gas or fluid beneath force have a threaded section that is somewhat tapering. This is known as “tapered thread”. The seal provided by a threaded pipe combined rely on the maze seal created by the threads; upon a positive seal between the threads created by the deformation of the threads when they are tightened to the proper torque; and sometimes on the presence of a sealing coating.

Particularly accurate threads are called “dry fit” means no sealant is essential for a gas-tight seal. Such threads are required where the sealant would pollute or respond with the media inside the piping.

Tapered threaded pipe fittings are occasionally used on pvc piping. Owing to the wedging consequence of the tapered thread, great care has to be taken to keep away from over-tightening the joint.

A nipple is a pipe fitting which is consists of little pieces of pipes; it is mostly provided with the male pipe thread at each end for connecting two other pipe fittings. Galvanized pipe nipples are special pipe fitting which has been coated by a process named galvanization which protects it to be rust.

The span of the galvanized steel pipe nipples are typically specified by the overall length with threads. It may have a hex part in the middle for pull to take hold of. A “close nipple” has no un-threaded area; when screwed tightly between two female fittings, very little of the nipple remains exposed.Rolled thread pipes