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The RFID system exists outside the door with different data cables connected with the inside system where there is a system called microcontroller which is a secured coded RFID card and is being used to instruct for tags entry of any number. It places the device in form of training mode and functioned to the next tag to read the data and approves to open the door.

The best use of this system is to implement it as an RFID door lock system. It is an electronic system to lock the doors and keeping safe from all types of theft and robbery and provides complete security. Such mechanism is used as an electric smack mounted in form of the frame of the door and it allows access which is being used for security purpose to the doors and is manufactured to keep the doors secure.

Fingerprint & RFID Card Lock is also one of the comparable products; RFID category which is widely used in providing security system in form of Fingerprint Security Lock, Fingerprint Access System and Fingerprint Dead Bolt Lock. Fingerprint & RFID Card Lock is normally used in hotels, guest houses and offices to provide quality security. During the manufacturing process of such locking systems, it is obvious to provide the ODM and OEM services in these locks according to needs of the customers.

Magnetic Card Lock is a key card lock which is operated by a keycard. It is a flat rectangular plastic card with matching dimensions just similar as a credit card which is stored with data and at the time of door opening process, verifies and authorize the door mechanism to accept or reject to open the lock. There are quite a lot of famous keycards being used in different areas in form of hole cards, magnetic stripes, wiegand wire embedded cards, bar code, RFID proximity cards and smart cards. These cards are famous in hotel industry and are commonly used in hotels and guest houses as automatic keys.