Expanded Metal is a type of building material prepared from metallic sheet which has different profiles and usually has a diamond shaped sheet. Expanded metal is a stretchy and low cost product which remains loosen and under normal conditions it remains in the same shape for many years. The filament and joint of the metallic sheet is fixed up by adding force and inflexibility. Expanded metal gets closer in solid diamond shape in a extensive range in sheets of several sizes.


Perforated Metal Mesh is a sheet made inform of punching like holes in it. It is made with a diversity of layers to get better as its external or increased form for its stretched existence. Perforated metal is particularly sustainable material as for long lasting period without being replaced for years. 


The building process of the slit provides with the usual made formation in ordinary diamond shape and prototype. Such metal mesh is made as an extensive range of decorative shapes which can be found as the more unique look to match the contiguous material. Expanded Metal mesh has a varied number of properties that makes it stretchy and attractive for many applications all the way from beginning to end in several constructional grounds in large scale.


Expanded Metal Lath is a superior type of multipurpose expanded steel which is widely used for constructional plaster and reinforcement. The plane surface is cut and bent to form a flat shape. Expanded metal lath is created from steel sheet which is being expanded to form several portion of squares. It is timely outstanding with the strength and elasticity which makes it ideal metal base to be used for various application and design in building and construction.