The process of galvanization is applied on the pipes during manufacturing of Galvanized pipes. The steel plates of the pipes are coated in molten zinc. Chemically, with the combination of zinc and steel, it produces a powerful material which bears up the situation of corrosion caused due to water. As a result, the addition of zinc in the steel makes these pipes long lasting material called Galvanized pipes. Always try to buy galvanized pipe by a verified galvanized pipe supplier.

A steel plate is a sheet that is galvanized in order to help prevent corrosion. Galvanized steel sheet used in different industrial application, including furniture, vehicles parts, computer components or manufacturing of metal tool boxes.

The street light poles are mostly made of faultless or welded tube according to the suitable size and length required for the spot. Welded pipes are being used as unprocessed materials which are finalized as per the international standard. Street light poles are made of in mixed with steel and aluminum in a broad variety of choices for highway lightings and highway project fixtures.